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Reverend Dr. Maria Hughes


Rev. Dr. Maria Hughes is a Certified Religious Science Minister of the Center for Spiritual Living Long Island and has been a member of this church since 1979.


Besides holding Ministerial Certification, she also holds a Doctorate of Divinity and a Doctorate of Religious Science from Emerson Theological Institute. Rev. Maria took all her accredited classes with Rev. Joyce Frantz, a founding member of the Religious Science Church of Long Island in Hicksville, New York (now known as the Center for Spiritual Living Long Island).


Rev. Maria is also a certified Louise Hay teacher, a Reiki Master, a motivational speaker, and a well-known Long Island artist specializing in sea scenes, portraits and landscapes.  One of her delights is teaching drawing and painting to young children and teenagers, and of course, anyone who may want to learn.

She is a teacher of all Religious Science classes from Practical Spirituality (year l-2), Practitioner Classes (2-year course), and Ministerial Classes (approximately 3 years). She is also an author of a book of poetry named Things You Wanted to Say, poems that relate to times we’ve experienced in our lives, and the things we had wanted to say but didn’t. 


Her focus as minister and teacher is to direct and guide people on how to recognize the power of God within themselves, as well as to assist people on reaching their highest potential and learning how to utilize that power to achieve peace and success.

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