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Staff Ministers


Reverend Kathleen Caputo

Kathleen joined this wonderful community (formerly known as the Religious Science Church of Long Island) in 2001, and it has infinitely enriched her life.  She is honored to be a part of the Spiritual Leadership Team.  Kathleen has served as President of the Board of Trustees, received her Practitioner License through the former Religious Science Church of Long Island in 2007, and her Religious Science and Interfaith Ministerial Ordination in 2013 through the Emerson Theological Institute. 

Knowing that her life would have been different if she had known the principles of Religious Science when she was a child, she founded and directed the Junior Church Program here in 2002. She is a retired business executive, children’s book author of Hado Bear’s Secret, and the founder of Source of Guidance, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides mindful and positive resources to help children and families of all cultures and backgrounds better respond to life’s challenges, especially those facing crises and serious illness. 

Kathleen has conducted workshops on mindfulness, creativity and guided imagery at schools and universities, and is currently conducting her Hado Bear Superpower of Your Thoughts Program for schools and children’s organizations.  Her book and passion is to teach children and adults that we are all different, yet perfect just the way we are, and that our thoughts, beliefs and words affect our life energy, thereby having the power to transform our life experiences.

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